Why You Shouldn’t Lie on a Job Application

Answering questions on a job application seems simple enough. After all, it is easy to write anything you want in those blank spaces. When you spice up the application a bit, it increases the odds that you’ll impress the boss and land the gig that you want. But, don’t so quickly lie on your job application. There are many consequences for you to endure later down the line if your lies are discovered.

Most employers use employer background check services when hiring new employees. This means if you lie about the places that you’ve lived, the jobs that you had, or your criminal history, the employer has access to this information.  You agree to this background check when signing an application, whether it is a digital version or a paper application.

If you make it past the background check you are not out of the danger zone. If your employer finds out in any other way that you’ve lied on the application, you could lose your job. It isn’t worth lying to land a gig that could be so easily swept out from underneath you. Dishonesty is not a quality any employer wants in someone who works for their company.

You will be quiet embarrassed if your employer calls you into the office to discuss the information provided on the application they’ve found to be misleading. You certainly don’t want to sit down and have this conversation.

employer background check services

Although you really want the job, don’t lie on the application (or on your resume) to get what you want and have it come back to bit you in the butt later down the road. Anyone can lie on their application, but should not make such a mistake and take so many risks.