Becoming an Expert in Collision Repair

When you are looking to move ahead in your career, you may be trying to figure out what you want to do next. If you’re interested in vehicles, then you may be trying to figure out just what you want to do in order to be able to repair cars and look at your own auto repair franchise opportunities. Have you ever thought about getting the training and certification to become a collision repair specialist or car body work professional?

If you are looking to become a collision repair specialist, there are a number of things that you have to do in order achieve your goals. Most companies require that you complete your high school career, whether by obtaining your diploma or by earning your GED.

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Then, you can go one of two ways. First, you can decide to work at a collision repair shop and apprentice with the mechanics and body repair professionals that work there. It may take a bit of searching to find one of these companies that will take you in as an apprentice, but it’s a quick way to get through. Another way for you to pursue a career in collision repair is by going to a trade school or technical school that offers a program, and completing that program.

Either way, upon completing your apprenticeship or certificate, you have to become a licensed collision repair specialist. You do this by applying for licensure, paying a fee, and passing a couple of exams. This will differ on your location, but most states require at least those three things in order to be licensed. You may also want to join a trade union. Then, you can finally work as a professional collision repair specialist, whether at collision repair shop or by starting your own.